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Spot on. But this is the pattern. Creatives bend the rules in pratically every category on earth, many times as nothing more than forms of expression. Nobody cares except those who consume and share the creative “thing” like the plague. Once it’s realized a revenue stream can be established the investors & the corporate elite swoop down to bless it before the entrepreneurial gods while simultaneously elbowing out the “creatives”. Who has time for them anyways? It’s about revenue streams, lean models, seed rounds, spreadsheets, your techie cofounder and the app for the app you’re building that looks like the other app someone invested in through their startup investment app.

So what happens next? History repeats. The creatives disrupt what has now become the norm with nothing more than an idea, pocket lint and the resourcefullness of a raven and the cycle continues.

I hope you kill it Ginger.