Being authentic means exploring universal faith, not religion, the belief in something without proof. Questioning beliefs helps the process.

As I took the journey back to Spirit, I had to accept my authentic self, and you can learn to be yourself by taking off the masks you wear.

When we accept our authentic self, it leads to self-love and happier life. Self-acceptance is loving all of who we authentically are.

How changing the question I asked myself propelled me to heal from trauma. Use the bridge I built to cross over the pit of despair and heal.

Realizing how we react to life shows us if we live from a place of fear or responding from a place of love. Discover how to be your authentic self.

When we learn to be more resilient, we enable ourselves to bounce back from life’s twists and turns to learn the lessons life has to teach us.

Play increases our happiness. But many adults forgot how to. Why is being playful essential, and how can we add more play into our lives?

We cling to the past, even if it’s negative. But we must let go in order for us to live happy lives in the present.

Attachments cause unhappiness as we struggle against what is. When we learn to detach, we stop struggling, and happiness rises from within.

Terri Kozlowski

I want to inspire others to transcend fear and their limiting beliefs. The host of Soul Solutions Podcast.

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