Feeling’s Gone

The Cat Empire are my favourite band and are usually incredibly loving, easy going and all round sunshine and hugs music. However they had an album called Cinema which took a bit of a darker twist.

It is an album I return to again and again because if even the happiest band on the planet face dark times, it’s absolutely cool that we do too.

This song is my go to on those days when I am desperate to break through my own clouds and know I am stronger than the darkness yet still find myself struggling. I can complain about anything: from the sun being too bright to the unfairness of the life I’ve found myself living. It’s all so futile and frustrating and I might as well give up and go back to my cave and scratch ochre images into myself as well as onto my stone walls. And then I remember:

The choice my man is to breathe or choke,
so go die, or learn to hope

Give yourself a break because sometimes just showing up to the fight is enough. The feeling will be gone and you’ll be back on your way soon enough.