The first word in life insurance is LIFE

It’s a fact. No one likes to buy life insurance or even admit he or she may need it. Many approach the prospect with more than trepidation and most put purchasing insurance off altogether. This is, of course, the worst thing you can do! There just a few things to pay attention to in order to get you and your family covered and ensure that when the inevitable happens (and we all know it will — it is just a matter of when?), your loved ones will be taken care of.

  1. What…

Employee benefits are a crucial but often complicated part of an employment package, and it is not always as easy to understand quantifiable perks such as salary and vacation time. However, insurance benefits are much more than just a workplace bonus — they are key safeguards that can enhance your quality of life for decades to come. When you first receive information about your employee benefits package, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. The complex terminology and mechanics of insurance policies can be daunting, and you might be uneasy about spending a portion of your paycheck in return for something…

Terry Denesha

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