Marshall, the movie, provides perspective and encouragement

You don’t see me recommending movies.

Marshall released this weekend, is the rare exception.

I’ve read some less than complementary …Critic reviews on the acting and direction.

Ignore that if you want a) a great team-up in a tension movie and b) a clean interpretation of history. Like the movie Malcolm X, it gave me hope that the individual affects history as much as the reverse. Unlike the Malcolm X movie, it doesn’t spend the last 10 minutes literally shouting at you, telling you what the movie was about because you are obviously too stupid to “get it” without the shouting.

However, also like Malcolm X, what you get out of it says more about who you are than what the movie is.

I’m already seeing political spins that highjack the movie to foster despair. This was a hopeful movie and one that helps us gain perspective on what has been accomplished and points to potential ways to improve.

Unfortunately, I came away with more than a hope-enhancing experience. I also got a load of tenth commandment issues. I totally covet the neckties and the dress shirts. Not a single ‘white’ shirt, just cool designs.

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