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5 More Ways For Professional Speakers To Be Seen — On Social Media

In a previous post, I wrote about some ways a professional speaker should be marketing themselves. (You can read that article here.) Today I want to expand on that topic by sharing some specific ways you can get more visibility on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as you work to promote yourself as a speaker.

There are certain things all professionals should be doing when they use these key marketing platforms, but you, as a speaker, really need to be making an effort to put your personality front and center. What makes you different? What is your message? Where is your passion? All these things are easily addressed with video and in the way you present yourself through your posts on social media.

Here are five things you can do on social media to highlight your personality as you endeavor to grow your following and be seen by meeting planners.

Use the Stories feature. Facebook and Instagram both allow you to post Stories to your feed. Go ahead and play with this feature! Stories are meant to give a “day in the life” snapshot. Twitter does something similar with its Moments feature, where you can put together a slideshow-like story in one “Moment.” Sometimes these Moments get shared in Twitter’s public Moments feed. Behind the scenes content is excellent here. Where you go for your morning coffee, your transit to an event, what you eat before going on stage, etc. It’s the candid behind the scenes, in the life of a speaker content that works perfectly for Stories.

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Go Live. This should go without saying, but as a professional speaker, you should be demonstrating your ability to speak to an audience. Use the Live feature as often as you can. It might be cool for you to do this before you go on stage, or immediately following an event when you’re pumped and full of great energy.

Update frequently. As a professional speaker, you have a lot of things to say, so say them! You have captive audiences waiting to hear your message, so go ahead and update frequently. With Facebook, I wouldn’t suggest updating much more than once or twice a day, but with Instagram and Twitter, you can post multiple times daily. On Instagram and Twitter, don’t forget to use strategic hashtags. #MondayMotivation #SaturdayVibe. Check out trending hastags on Twitter to piggyback off the traction started by others.

Be Social. Do you comment on other posts or do you just update your own timeline or profiles? Do you retweet and share posts? Or are your feeds centered around you? Do you reply to Stories on Instagram and Facebook? Or are you a lurker? Do you reply to comments left by others? If you want to show the world your personality, get social!

Use Social Media to show meeting planners the real and engaging you!

Diversify your feed. If all you share are motivational quotes and snippets of you on stage, you might lose the interest of your audience. Shake things up a bit. Snap photos of event locations and other places you visit and share them as an Instagram story. What book are you reading? Do a live broadcast as you read an inspirational passage from it. See something funny while out walking the dog? Tweet it. The people who are going to book you as a speaker want to see the human side of you, so keep that in mind and try to share a mix of personal and business-related content.

Take advantage of the opportunity social media provides to show people the real you … that warm, funny, compassionate engaging side of you.

What other thoughts do you have about ways to show your speaker persona via your social media channels? Please share in a comment.

Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.

Author Bio: Terry Green is the Owner/President of BizEase Support Solutions, an online marketing support company that partners with professional speakers and coaches worldwide to help them turn time into money. You can follow Terry on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+!