5 Signs of the Dreaded Super Speaker Syndrome

5 Signs of the Dreaded Super Speaker Syndrome

It’s only 3:00 p.m. but your eyelids are getting heavy and your head is nodding. At this very moment, nothing sounds better than finding a nice cozy place for a good long nap. The problem is you still have at least three hours of work to cram into the two hours left in your workday. In reality, your lack-luster performance is not from a “carb-dip” or “caffeine deficit”…it’s more likely due to exhaustion and overwhelm from trying to do it all.

Still not convinced? Here are some sure-fire signs you may be suffering from a very common ailment I call Super Speaker Syndrome and why delegation might be in your future:

You Do Things Half-way: Your desk is littered with half started projects and incomplete tasks. Your priority list left the building weeks ago, and you are simply trying to get ahead and stay ahead. Nothing ever actually reaches completion, and that fact only adds to your stress and mental fatigue.

You Are a Stumble-Tasker: Also known as Shiny Object Syndrome, this affliction is directly connected to the “doing things half-way” symptom. You start a project and then get distracted when you stumble onto something you forgot you needed to do right now! Halfway through this task you stumble upon yet another incomplete piece of your business puzzle and abandon that task to tackle the new one. The result is similar to a cat chasing its tail; nothing gets done and you find yourself exhausted and looking for a place to nap in the sun.

Delegating tasks that suck up time & energy free you up to do what you do best.

You Keep Forgetting Things: Believe it or not, being forgetful is not so much a sign of age as it is a sign of mental fatigue. A Harvard Health Publications article links stress and anxiety with concentration struggles and the onset of forgetfulness. Both can interfere with attention and block the formation of new memories, or the retrieval of old ones. So basically, if you and your brain are stretched thin, you may find yourself struggling to recall even the simplest of things.

Your Energy is MIA: Yes, your mid-afternoon energy slump could be caffeine related, but is more likely a direct result of pure brain exhaustion if you are caught in the trap of trying to do it all yourself. Strive to cultivate a structured workday that includes breaks and downtime. Set aside blocks of time designated for specific activities like creating new products, checking email, making calls, working on projects or having meetings; but also be sure to include time for breaks, lunch, or even just a few minutes to push away from your desk and stretch your legs. If you are having trouble finding “gaps” of time to do some self-care…it may be a direct result of the next symptom of Super Speaker Syndrome.

You’ve Forgotten How to Delegate: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines delegation as “to entrust to another,” “to appoint.” Many sufferers of Super Speaker Syndrome also have a bad case of “If I want it done right, I need to do it myself,” thinking. Or, the misguided idea that they can’t afford to delegate, when the truth is … they can’t afford NOT to! The act of delegation is something that should always remain on the radar of small business owners if they want to avoid major burnout. Delegation (or Right-sourcing, as I like to call it) options are abundant, and the act of delegating tasks that suck up your time and energy can free you up to do what you do best; get new clients and create more income streams for your business.

Which of these symptoms do you struggle with the most?

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