Talk to your followers for social media engagement.

Do You Have Conversations With Your Social Media Followers?

Ever since Social Media entered the picture, marketing has taken on an entirely new look and feel. With more and more social media platforms popping up here and there, there are even more opportunities to market your business.

But it’s not just all about how many social media platforms we are on, it’s about building relationships. It’s about social media engagement! Sure we’re on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We’re also on Instagram and Pinterest. And now Periscope and Facebook Live. And for whatever reason, SnapChat has make its entry onto the social media scene.

The question is, how are we using the various platforms we choose to include in our social media strategy? We post links to our blog posts, business tips and motivational quotes. We share content posted by our friends and followers. Then, our friends and followers like and share our content. But are our followers and friends and contacts engaging with us? Are we engaging with them?

Asking simple questions is a great way to engage your followers on social media.

Just amassing a bunch of friends and followers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and then posting things from time to time doesn’t build relationships and doesn’t always result in social media engagement. We have to engage with our followers. We need to have conversations and build relationships. THAT’s what social media marketing is all about. It’s about building relationships with people so we can, in turn, build that know, like and trust factor. That’s what makes social media successful.

So how do we get more social media engagement?

Asking simple questions is a great way to engage your followers on social media.

There are lots of ways to engage with your friends and followers, but research shows an effective way to get engagement is to ask questions. Everyone loves to reveal things about themselves, both regarding them personally and about their businesses. The multitude of silly quizzes you see people responding to all over Facebook is proof of that.

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You know how compelled you are to respond when someone asks if you’re a dog person or a cat person. Or they ask if you like beer or wine? Coffee or Tea? It’s the same when someone asks the title of the last business book you read, or asks you to reveal the one person who has made the biggest impact on your business. On the other side of the coin, answering the questions others ask is also engagement. Have a conversation with your friends and followers. You ask a question, they answer and you respond. You’ll be surprised at some of the conversations you can get going.

Rebekah Radice published a blog post called 25 No-Fail Social Media Questions to Establish Meaningful Relationships a while back. My challenge to you is to take a look at the list and choose 1 question to ask your followers and friends. You can ask the question as a text question or create a text graphic. Just ask it … and make sure you respond to each of the answers, because that’s social media engagement!

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Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.