Do You Want More Eyeballs On Your Content?

Content marketing. It’s how you get your content in front of your target market and ideal client. Blogging is a very popular form of content marketing, but it’s so much more than just slapping up a blog post and going your merry way until the next one is due.

You’ve got to promote it on social media and find ways to repurpose the content so it’s getting out in front of more eyeballs (and sometimes ears) in a variety of ways! I’ve often talked about how you need to promote your blog posts on your social media channels, as well as the many ways you can repurpose the same content; video, audio, articles, blog posts. Repurposing is an excellent content marketing tactic. It gets more eyes on your content because it’s offered in the many different ways people like to consume it. It’s all about getting more traction on your existing content so you don’t have to keep spinning your wheels trying to come up with gobs more!

content marketing

Another great way to get even more traction out of your articles and blog posts, is to repurpose bits of content into micro-content as single tweets or image-based tips.

Get the most out of your blog posts and articles with micro-content!

This is a great tip I learned while taking one of Denise Wakeman’s awesome visibility challenges, and I’ve got to say it works. By creating tweets and image-based tips, you can deliver your main source of content, and then parse it out bit by bit in little bite-size chunks to keep it visible over your various social media platforms, as well as prolong the exposure by posting your micro-content on a delayed schedule.

When writing your content, keep micro-content in the back of your mind so When writing your content, keep micro-content in the back of your mind so you can easily pull out tweetable bits and pieces of content to push out over the next week. Even better, use one of those tweetable bits as a Click-to-Tweet! If you don’t know what Click-to-Tweet is, here is an example.

Pull out tweetable nuggets from your content and add as a Click-to_Tweet in your blog post! CLICK TO TWEET

You can also turn one of your bits of micro-content into an image-based tip for Facebook and Instagram. You can use the same nugget for both your Click-to-Tweet and your image-based tip, but I always change them up for more variety.

Repurpose bits of content into micro-content as single tweets or image-based tips.

Then …to get even more mileage out of your content, you can take the nuggets you’ve turned into micro-content for one blog post and create additional content (blog posts, LinkedIn posts, short articles, etc.) out of them like I did here! The micro-content I’ve used for both my Click-to-Tweet and image-based tip for this post, as well as the basis for the entire post was taken from a previous post called 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business!

You never know … you might be able to write even more content from the content you’ve already written based on other content! Micro-content … the content that keeps on giving!

Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.