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Do You Want To Know Which Blog Posts Made It To The Top 10 In 2017

It’s that time of year again. 2017 is over and done with, and we’re head-long into 2018 with bright shiny faces and hopes for our best year ever, for both business and our personal lives! At least I am ;)

Content marketing is a BIG part of my business, so part of the process for pulling together my editorial calendar for the new year includes taking a look at what worked (and what didn’t) the previous year. Part of that process is to review all of the blog posts I wrote in 2017, to see which topics/posts resonated the most with my readers. Last year was a rough year for many business owners, so it doesn’t surprise me that the top blog post was about how to handle business when life gets in the way!

And the winners are …

When Life Gets In The Way How Do You Handle Business?
Life Lessons: The reality of being in business is life doesn’t stop and often gets in the way. How do you handle business when life hits you in the face?

Connecting on LinkedIn the Right Way and the Wrong Way
Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to connect and follow up on LinkedIn? Here are a few of my observations regarding the wrong way!

Do You Want To Get More Eyes On Your Stuff?
Content marketing is all about getting more eyes on your “stuff.” More eyes on your stuff = more visibility. More visibility = more clients! Find out how!

5 Things You Can Do in 2017 to Boost Your Business Growth
Changes don’t always have to be big and hairy to have an impact. Here are 5 things you can start doing today to boost business growth for 2017!

How To Make Yourself A Priority When You Don’t Have Time
When you’re booked to the max, overwhelmed & trying to keep your head above water, taking care of yourself is the last thing on your mind. Change your mind.

Do You Really Know What Your Visitors Do On Your Website?
Want to know where your visitors land on your website, where they click, how far down they scroll down on the page, where they come from? Here’s how!

How to Boost Your Networking Skills With Four Little Words
When networking, remember it’s about them and not you. Here is how four little words can magically turn connections into prospective clients.

What were your favorite blog topics in 2017?

Do Your Readers Know What You Want Them To Do Next?
If you don’t guide your reader on to the next step, nobody else will. Find out why you should always include a strong call to action in your content.

Wow! I didn’t know you did that!
Marketing is a continuous, ongoing process and doesn’t stop once you’ve once gained someone as a client or customer. Gaining a client is only the beginning.

Have You Ever Asked Your Audience What They Want?
Set up a poll, survey or questionnaire on your website or through social media. Use the results to fine-tune your content marketing so your readers return.

So these are the top 10 blog posts that resonated with my readers last year. How about you? Did any of your favorites make the top 10? If not, what were they? I’d love to know what YOU want to see more of in 2018. Leave a comment below, and let me know what topics and subjects you are most interested in for 2018.

Author Bio: Terry Green is the Owner/President of BizEase Support Solutions, an online marketing support company that partners with professional speakers and coaches worldwide to help them turn time into money. You can follow Terry on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+!

Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.