How to Add Conversational Audio to Social Media!

More and more businesses are integrating video and audio into their marketing mix nowadays in an effort to offer their content to their audiences in a variety of formats.

Audio options have been limited to more static options like recording audio versions of your blog posts and adding them as an option on your website, uploading audio to sites like SoundCloud, and Podcasting.


Up until recently, Podcasting has really been the only option business owners have had for any kind of collaboration or conversation. All of these options are great ways to offer your content to your audience in a different format, but for the most part, are still one way conversations without any way to continue the conversation after the initial recording has taken place.

As I said … until recently.

Enter Anchor — Radio by the people. It’s an app that “makes it easy for you to broadcast short audio clips to a global audience in seconds.” What makes it such a great app, is your audience can talk back … they can reply to your question or comment or whatever else you say, and you can continue your conversation with anyone who replies. All you need is the free app.

Create engagement by adding conversational audio to your social media!

Right now, the Anchor App is available on on iTunes. As of August 1, it is slowly being rolled out to Android users. If you’d like to get on the list, you can do that here.

Just download the app and give it a whirl. Once you start your conversation (ask a question, make a comment, start a discussion, whatever), you can share it to Facebook or Twitter or embed on your website or blog to continue the conversation.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.

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