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Is It Time To Analyze Your Social Media Strategies?

Let’s talk about social media strategies. You do have one, right?

I was chatting with one of my team members about an experience she had while getting her hair done.

Her hair dresser was talking about how she wasn’t getting as much engagement on social media anymore. She said her Facebook Page is still doing well, but, her Twitter account is dead, regardless of what and when she posts.

My team member couldn’t help but probe her stylist a bit more about why she was using Twitter if it wasn’t getting good results. She asked her why she didn’t consider putting some more energy behind another, more visual social media platform like Instagram, instead.

Every one of the stylists working at the time, craned their necks and chimed in about how they all hate Twitter, and love Instagram. Same thing happened with the other customers getting their hair done. Twitter = no. Instagram = yes.

The salon owner was surprised. She said she was using Twitter because she set up the account a few years ago, and thought that’s where she should be active. She felt a bit foolish, because she admitted she also preferred using Instagram.

My wise team member told the salon owner not to beat herself up. But instead, make a conscious effort moving forward, take tons of photos of her client’s hair (before and after), and ramp up her Instagram marketing efforts, while maintaining a basic presence on Twitter.

No harm, no foul!

social media strategies

I’m sharing this story because it’s relevant to all of us. Things are in a constant state of change in the world of social media, and if we aren’t tuned in and making a real effort to review our current social media strategies, what’s working and what’s not … well, we might miss the cues and fall behind. This results in a loss in business. End of story.

In your line of work, perhaps Twitter use has ramped up while Facebook has fallen out of favor. Or maybe everyone is on Tumblr, or LinkedIn. Without speaking with you, I can’t know the answer for your unique business. But I do know things can change without us noticing, and it’s up to us to keep our feelers out there and be aware of what’s happening in our industry and within our demographic. We can do that either through our own research, or by working with a marketing team. (Ahem … like mine. Cough cough.)

Your social media strategies still work. Right?

In the case of this hair stylist, as with most brick and mortar business owners, she only has to keep on top of local trends. This is different when we’re talking about online business owners, because we have audiences coming in from all different angles. But the same principle holds true: things change, and we have to be able to change along with them, or risk falling behind.

When did you last spend time updating your online marketing plan? Are you focusing your attention on areas of importance specific to your business? Or are you still hanging on to social media strategies that are no longer serving your marketing purpose?

Maybe it’s time to take a look. If you need some help or an objective eye, just let us know! We’re here to serve.

Author Bio: Terry Green is the Owner/President of BizEase Support Solutions, an online marketing support company that partners with professional speakers and coaches worldwide to help them get out, and stay out, of marketing overwhelm so they can start turning their time into money. You can follow Terry on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+!

Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.