When Life Gets In The Way How Do You Handle Business?

I recently dealt with something in my personal life that put a strain on my business. One of my children needed me, so I made sure I was there for her. It was, thankfully, a temporary situation; but family takes priority. Always has, always will. It’s as simple as that.

Fortunately, I’m blessed to have a team working away on client projects and keeping track of things for me, so things are humming along as usual. It also helps that I’m able to modify my work schedule so I’ve got a bit more flexibility to juggle my personal and professional life. But I still felt my marketing was slipping!

The thing was, I starting to think I might not be super woman/super mom/super business owner after all. Shocking, I know.

Business is important but it isn’t everything…

My life was unavoidably a bit topsy turvy for a couple of months over the summer. Like many people, I’m a creature of habit, and when there’s a change in the routine, things get missed. One particular morning, I was busy tending to my family’s needs, and completely forgot my regular Monday Morning BizTip. I very rarely miss publishing a blog post or sending out a newsletter, because I know how important these things are. Sometimes, however, other issues take precedence, and guess what? That’s OK.

The world did not come to a screeching halt because my Monday BizTip didn’t go out. There was another Monday the following week. I was annoyed, yes, but life goes on.

I shared this on my personal Facebook page … this admittance of not being able to “do it all,” and guess what? The unanimous response was, “Life happens.”

And ain’t that the truth?

We all feel the same way, so why does it always feel like such a punch in the gut when we forget something like this, or simply don’t have time to do it?

How do you handle business when life hits you in the face?

We’re whole, complete human beings, in addition to being business owners. Human beings with children, parents, friends, siblings, pets, spouses … people we love. Things that happen around our business lives, and we need to keep our priorities in check.

My family needed me more that week than my business did. It was as simple as that.

All that being said, I started taking some of the advice I give my clients, and started doing a few things ahead of time, so the next time something like this happens, my project manager will be able to take care of my marketing.

I’m going to free up an hour of my time every now and then to write a few extra tips to have as a backup. Then, if an issue arises, I just have to say the word and one of those tips can be pulled out, published, and Bob’s your uncle.

A bit of advanced planning and a backup plan here and there never hurt anyone. Having a team to back you up doesn’t either.

What happens to your business when life takes precedence? Do you have a plan in place for when life gets in the way? Or do you just let life happen?

Author Bio: Terry Green is the Owner/President of BizEase Support Solutions, an online marketing support company that partners with professional speakers and coaches worldwide to help them turn time into money. You can follow Terry on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+!

Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.