When Was the Last Time You Gave Your Business a Checkup?

We all know if we want to be healthy human beings, we need to check in with the doctor once in a while to make sure things are in good working order. We want to make sure our blood pressure is at safe levels, our heart and lungs are healthy, and our blood-work checks out. Essentially, we want to know we are in good health, so we can live full, happy lives.

Your business is also a living thing that needs to be checked out every once in a while, to make sure it’s as healthy as it could be so it’s providing what you need as a business owner, and what your clients and suppliers need to be happy and satisfied.

No, your business doesn’t have anything to which you can strap a blood pressure cuff, but there are other ways you can assess the health of your business to make sure it’s in good shape.

Some signs that your business needs a checkup

  • You aren’t making a profit
  • You never seem to have time for personal commitments
  • You’re burning the candle at both ends
  • You’re not getting any new leads
  • You’re in a constant cycle of feast or famine
  • You’re losing clients
  • You aren’t meeting obligations
  • You can never seem to get ahead
  • Your business doesn’t bring you the pleasure it once did

If any of the above are true, it’s time give some thought to the health of your business.

How do you conduct your own business health checkup?

There isn’t a stethoscope you can use for your business, but you can put it under a microscope and give it a good hard look from an outside perspective. Take a close look and approach it as if you’ve never heard of your business or brand before.

Ideally, you will do this every few months. Yes. Every. Few. Months.

In a series of articles, I’m going to help you conduct a checkup on multiple areas of your business, starting with your brand!

Grab a note pad and pen, because you’re going to be taking some notes.

What should you be looking for during your branding checkup?

Your business brand is key. You want your promotional materials to represent the real you — as you show up in person. This is incredibly important for professional coaches and speakers, because it’s your brand that will help you stand out from all your competitors.

Let’s start your check-up!

  • How does your website look? Does it appear to belong to a coach or speaker you would want to work with? What works about it? What doesn’t? Be objective! It might be time for a makeover.
  • Check your speaker reel. How out of date are your videos? Do you even have one? Having a video on your website is key for speakers, so make sure your business looks healthy from the outside by ensuring those speaker reels are always fresh.
  • When did you publish your last blog post? A long time between posts may indicate a problem with your business health.
  • How do your social media profiles look? Exciting? Fresh? Engaging? Or do you hear crickets? Still not on Instagram? Get to it!
  • How old is your headshot? Do you still look like the person in your photos? Might be time for a retake if you’ve done that silly aging thing! You want to your headshot to look like the you people meet in person! That should be your goal.
  • Are your business cards and other promotional materials still looking sharp? Are they up-to-date? Did you cheap out on those items when you first started and are still handing them out after you’ve reached a new level of success?
When was the last time you gave your business a checkup?

This is an excellent place to start your business checkup. In my next post, we’ll talk about the financial health of your business!

Until then, are there any other things you can think of to add to this article?

Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.

Author Bio: Terry Green is the Owner/President of BizEase Support Solutions, an online marketing support company that partners with professional speakers and coaches worldwide to help them get out, and stay out, of marketing overwhelm so they can start turning their time into money. You can follow Terry on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter!