When Was the Last Time Your Business Morphed?

I’ve been in business for what seems like forever. 1991! That’s like the stone age, right? Well maybe not quite the stone age, but it’s been a long time … 25 years as I write this post.

A lot has changed over these past 25 years. Especially when it comes to business and technology. The thing about business and technology is this … it WILL continue to change and advance. Change is inevitable, whether you want it or not.

business and technology

So with business and technology constantly changing, your business will (and should) constantly change right along with it — if you want to continue to keep up with everyone else and continue to meet the needs of your clients and customers.

If your business (and the way you market it) isn’t continually morphing and changing, it is quite possibly standing still!

Business and Technology 1991

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Take my business, for instance. My company, Fastype, started in 1991 as a local Secretarial and Resume Service. Then in 2004 when the Internet made it available to work with clients no matter where they were located, and changed how we were able to work with them, Fastype changed from a local, office-based business to a home-based Virtual Assistance company.

When my client base exploded in 2006, and I could no longer keep up with the work or provide all of the services my clients required, Fastype became a Multi-VA Company. We also incorporated and became Fastype VA Services.

Then, in 2011, when a current client referred to my business as a company that offered clerical services — which we hadn’t offered for several years, and don’t offer now, a light went off in my head and I realized my company name no longer reflected what we did. So, it was time for another change to keep up with the times. Fastype VA Services went through a complete name change and rebranding process, and began doing business as BizEase Support Solutions.

And as would be expected, business and technology has continued to change. The needs of my clients have continued to change. So much so, that virtual assistance just didn’t fit what we do anymore. Hence … another change. Just this past month, after a weekend mastermind retreat with 3 of my favorite colleagues, I made the decision to reposition my company (again, to continue to reflect what we do and how we serve our clients) as an Online Marketing Support Company. In fact, here’s a blog post I wrote after returning from my retreat!

These may seem like a lot of changes over the past 25 years. But let me pose the following questions.

What would have happened to my business had I not made the decision to move from an office-based secretarial and resume service company to virtual assistance? The answer … I would have been left in the dust and disappeared just like every other secretarial service company in our area and beyond. What if I hadn’t changed my business model from solopreneur to team-based? Answer … I would have eventually gone out of business because I would have been overloaded and overworked, and not able to keep up with the demands of my clients.

I could also ask questions — and get very similar answers — about what would have happened had I not changed my name to reflect what we do, and attract the clients we truly wanted. Or what if I hadn’t made this last change to reposition my company as an online marketing support company — which better reflects what we do.

Is your business morphing in a way that allows your company to grow and expand?

With each of these changes to my business, (or morphing of my business — as I like to describe it) I have enabled my company to continue to grow and expand because I have continued to make the changes necessary to not only attract the clients I want, but continue to meet their needs in this ever-changing technological world.

Is your business morphing in a way that allows it to grow and expand and successfully meet the needs of your clients?

Or is it stale and stagnating, stuck on a path started long ago that no longer meets your needs or those of your clients?

So the question is … with the ever-changing landscape of business and technology, will YOUR business morph and grow with the times or stagnate and let your competitors pass you by? It’s your choice!

Originally published at BizEase Support Solutions.