Dear Liberal America

As you may have noticed, our government is rather severely broken. It has been this way for a number of years now, and the situation seems to be worsening.

Contrary to what most of the Presidential hopefuls would have you believe, it is not, in fact, the Executive Branch of our government that is broken. Nor is it the Judicial Branch.

It is Congress that is broken, folks. And it is so broken it no longer functions. It needs to be fixed.

And guess what? That’s our job. We The People. There is no “they” who will magically clean up this mess. If we want Congress to get fixed we’re going to have to roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves.

Luckily, we can. This November, to be specific. There are a total of 469 Congressional seats up for grabs in November, 34 in the Senate and 435 in the House.

These are real By The People For The People positions, my fellow Americans. There are no super delegates involved, nor does the Electoral College have a say in the matter. It’s just us. We go to the polls, we tell them what we want them to do, and they have to do it.

I say we do it. Whether we Feel The Bern or Stand With Hillary, let’s be sure we make it a point to get our asses up off of our couches this November and drag ourselves into the booths. Regardless of our personal differences and despite who wins or loses the Primary let’s all put the effort into fixing this piece of crap we’ve been saddled with.

Seriously. I’ll bring coffee and donuts.