A bank without a clue on how to do business or Customer Service….

I’ve endured a decade of headaches with Bank of America. My mother had a loan with them for her mortgage and the only reason she had a loan with them is because they bought Wilshire Bank.

I called them last week to get a pay off amount for my mom’s home. An exciting time for me and my family. I was provided an amount. I contacted my bank Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)(best bank in the nation IMHO) and what happened next baffles me.

The wire instructions didn’t seem right to the NFCU rep so he asked to conference in BOA, I did and after multiple calls and tries (due to the processes at BOA being so screwed up) we decided the best course of action was to send the check directly to my mom and allow her to take it to a local branch.

When she did — they told her the pay off amount was incorrect; we were paying too much! Imagine that — so I call the national number to see why they provided me an incorrect pay off amount. After speaking to one rep that see to be clueless (didn’t surprise me) I had to hang up and call again. After reaching another rep, he provided me yet another number for the payoff amount.

The stress of dealing with this bank is beyond belief. Here is what I’d recommend. I’d love for all their customers to shift over to any other bank — heck Wells Fargo would be better than this; even with the issues they face — at least they’d have customer service down?

Yes this is more of a vent because I know and realize that people will not switch just because I’ve had a bad experience so — just wanted to share my experience and hope others are not feeling the same.

I wished everyone could experience what I have with NFCU over the past 25 years. I really feel bad for BOA’s customers that must endure this.

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