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I came across this acronym on many profiles on Linkedin and didn’t realize what it was until recently and added it to my profile; then I removed it after reading this article by Larry Brauner; he provides some wise advice.

I came across another article by Emily Liou titled The Three LinkedIn Messages Everyone Totally Ignores and she provided some gold nuggets of wisdom that I immediately implemented. Networking both online and offline is an art to learn.

It made me think more about what I’ve experienced on Linkedin. Maybe the following information will be beneficial to you.


I do realize many professionals are incredibly busy and it requires time and thought to respond to messages on Linkedin. Many this is why I’ve found many folks do not respond to messages that are sent on Linkedin; it’s why I send email if I want a response.

That said, I’ve had many send me connection request and when I respond to them with a thoughtful reply; crickets. This leaves me puzzled as to why you sent me a connection request.

While I rarely ignore messages from people who reach out to me on Linkedin, I find it odd when I reply asking how I can add value to them, either I get no response or a response that says, “I am looking to expand my network” that’s it. I’d encourage everyone to connect with a purpose and it’s OKAY to discover you can’t help each other. A polite thanks but no thanks and remove the connection.

Linkedin is a powerful platform to share valuable information to provide insight on topics that others can benefit from. The jobs section is rich with opportunities. It can keep you informed on the activities of those in your network to bring awareness and facilitate frequent interaction. Used properly it’s a gold mine wanting to be explored and can yield valuable returns for all parties involved.

So I close by encouraging you to read both articles by Emily and Larry and implementing their advice — I believe if we all did it would increase our enjoyment on Linkedin.