Sending Love Has Never Been So EASY!

“I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.” — Charles de Lint

In the past when I wanted to send a greeting card, I’d make my way to the local store and spend time perusing through all the cards on the rack. Once I’ve located the card that I believe sends the message I desire, I take this to the checkout and head home. Once home, I’d whip out my pen and begin to write a note that personalize the general card. After a few licks on the flap (I know not the healthiest of things to do), a lick on the stamp, I’d then head to the mailbox to drop it off. That’s a lot of work to send a message in a special kind of way.

Enter Greetale!

With Greetale, no matter where you are, just grab a pen, jot down your note. Snap a photo of that note and open Greetale (Available only on iOS for now) and choose your card. Append the note to the card and press send. Within days they will receive a card in the mail. If you want to send it faster, you can send it electronically. Done. Wasn’t that much easier to do? Technology gives us the ability to be mobile, digital and virtual.

There are many reasons to send a card. Here are a few that come to my mind:

  • Birthdays. This is probably the number one reason folks send greeting cards. Birthdays are special because it’s a reminder of the day we entered this world and began our journey of life.
  • Anniversaries. When two people have decided to do life together, we all remember that special day when they make that commitment. Sending a card on this day, demonstrates your love for them by remembering. Even more so if you are the significant other :)
  • Holidays. When you are across the miles there is nothing more special than opening the mailbox to see that someone was thinking of you. Holidays are special days where you can share your love.

As I mentioned earlier, sending a paper card can really make an impact on a person. Now I will admit — I am a PAPERLESS guy, but here recently, I’ve come to understand that while we live in a world that is rapidly becoming digital, it makes paper all the more special.

Give it a try today! The experience of sending love will make you smile and I can guarantee you that you will put a smile and a warm feeling in the heart of the person you send it to.