There is a Technological Tsunami that is headed toward the planet and many are ill prepared to handle the impact that it will have on them individually and collectively as a society. It will have the potential to erode and rip apart society, if we stand by and do not take action to prevent it.

We are already beginning to feel the effects as it begins to create waves and wrinkles that we’ve not yet experienced in the world before. Listen to many of the powerful thought leaders (Sean Parker, Chamath Palihapitiya, Denzel Washington, discuss this topic but only from the aspect of social media.

Social Media was the first wave, but the second, third and fourth wave will be even more powerful and life changing as the first. While this Tsunami is not limited to four, I will discuss them as such:

WAVE 1: Social Media

When I hear Chamath say,

“So we are in a really bad state of affairs right now; in my opinion. It is eroding the core foundation of how people behave by and between each other and I don’t have a good solution. My solution is I just don’t use these tools anymore.”

it makes me wonder. Is social media really the paramount challenge with culture or does it go deeper? Is social media eroding the core foundations and if so how can we stop and repair the erosion?

WAVE 2: Internet of Things

It began by us joking with Siri. Now we can request Alexa to perform task for us like turning on our lights, or ordering us pizza, or waking up our children. Soon our Samsung refrig will order food from Amazon Prime that is delivered and stored before we arrive home from work.

What will be the ramifications of this type of technology on our routines, our social interactions, our mental state?

WAVE 3: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In Wave two we were getting use to the fact that we can talk to inanimate objects and give them directions, orders, task to do and they would be done; with or without our help. Enter Sophia.

How will we behave when technology that not only listens and do what we say, but when it can respond back thinking fully on it’s on and can hold a reasonable conversation with us? What will this do to human interaction?

WAVE 4: Blockchain

This wave will connect the first three waves and will have the largest impact of all. Why? This will make it possible to completely disrupt and dismantle society as we know it. Every square inch of the globe from the smallest grain to the largest structure will be impacted by Blockchain Technology.

This technology will allow for machine to machine communication and commerce. Completely removing the need for human intervention (think Amazon Go Store), AI will operate far more effectively and efficiently than humans. The world will be able to be fully connected — Always on, Always connected. The possibilities are endless.


Now what? What will we do as a global society? What will our role be? How will we interact with one another? Where we work, live and play will be completely transformed unlike anytime in history. We will begin to understand what a person who lived prior to planes, trains and automobiles would feel like in our world today.

This Fourth Industrial Revolution is accelerating at such a rapid pace that it will cause disruption in our day to day lives, unless we are prepared. Will we allow the technology to control us or will we be able to control the technology?


Denzel said,

“It’s a tool. So, we should use it. God has blessed us with FREE WILL. Now it’s FREE WILL Magnified. FREE WILL on Steroids. You are FREE to go in any direction you want. It’s NOT the Enemy. It’s just a reflection of our own FREE WILL.”

and I believe exactly that. It’s why I am so driven to encourage others to lead themselves well. I honestly believe that the solution that could protect us the most, is our own ability to lead ourselves well. There is no better tool than Personal Development to assist in the preparation for this coming storm.

In order to prevent the erosion and tearing apart of our social fabric, we need to reach the highest level of human interaction: Interdependence. We need to become Highly Effective People, fully matured and discipled to handle this advanced level of technology.


Leaders of old have left behind the required tools for us to utilized in our daily lives. They told us How to Win Friends and Influence People. They encouraged us to Think and Grow Rich. We should be Principle-Centered Leaders in our own lives first and then invited to encourage others to do the same. We need to operate at the Speed of Trust. We should Stop Worrying and Start Living. These are just a few tools in a vast tool box that we can utilize that will help us use technology and NOT let technology use us. We need Change Agents.

I’d like this to be an ongoing story and will be something I communicate daily as we continue to progress toward a future of technological dominance like we’ve not seen before.

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