Building the Tesla Homestead

For those of you that are interested, I have acquired the domain

This site will be an amalgamation of my own journey working towards implementing Tesla: Solar, Energy Storage and EV products on my homestead, and documenting where I am in the process — so all individuals can relate wherever they are in their energy sustainability buyer’s journey. will serve as a guide to others that are considering the shift from fossil to energy sustainability. I will also feature other Homesteaders using Tesla products.

Long-term, I plan to be further engaged in educating individuals on my Homestead with Tesla’s Solar, Powerwall and EV’s that generates a net-zero energy effect. I also plan on building out and managing Tesla autonomous fleet operations when the technology and regulations of this product mature, as well as beginning one of the first Tesla Semi fleets.

If you have any suggestions for content or would like to contribute to future ideas on the platform, please e-mail me at

The goal of this endeavor is to help move Tesla’s mission forward in creating a sustainable energy future.