Summer loves

I consider those that dream in outfits, cloth, and fabric to be a special segment of romantics; a group of people who fall in love over and over again with the creative possibility of a single piece of clothing.

As such, I’ve had many great loves.

Some of my favourites have been whimsical, sweet and fleeting like the spring and summer seasons. These pieces are chosen at the beginning of every season with the intention of being worn on real or imagined adventures you’ve spent all winter dreaming about.

While in store, hanger in hand, that piece has the power to transport you to your idealized summertime scenario with visions of looking and feeling perfectly matched to the environment you’re immersed in.

Finding those perfect pieces is an adventure in itself and can take months to have your closet fully encapsulate your summer look. There are so many questions to ask yourself along the way. Where will I be visiting? Who will be with me? How do I want to feel this summer? How do I want to be portrayed? Will it look good in photos..?

To me, the spring and summer seasons are an opportunity to refresh and let go of the structured and practical pieces that dictate your winter wardrobe. Once the spring rolls in, you can slowly shed the more encumbering pieces you were obligated to wear due to weather, temperature and necessity and you can start flirting with pastels, florals and dresses.

And then suddenly, as September looms and your summer romance starts winding down, the idea of winter fashion slowly draws your attention and your summer loves start to fade. Even though your winter wardrobe is robust and stylish, it doesn’t quite conjure up those same feelings of lust and possibility that your summer Pinterest board.

All my loves have come and gone with the seasons, and varied greatly but, have shared a common thread; they have been significant, beautiful and important.

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