This writer stuff is becoming real.

Okay, I have this fabulous hair stylist who is connected and spiritual — and, I love it. She told me about a month ago or so to write down my wishes. Most importantly she told me to be specific.

What’s funny is that in the first grade I asked what the difference was (to Sister Teresa) between a wish and a prayer. She elaborated on both. I remember her telling me to be specific about wishes. If you wish for a sweater you really don’t know what you will get. Maybe it won’t be the sweater. Therefore, if you want a red sweater wish in particular for that and think of every detail imaginable: where would this sweater come from? What size would it be? Will it have red buttons or white buttons? Yes, we’re all told to wish big, but we are always told to be careful for what you wish for — and it’s because we need to get more detailed about how this wish would be executed. Instead of hoping, instead of praying.

I wished specifically to have my poetry published. And for my novels and comics to be published. I wished more specifics. The thing I learned is that if I wish and an opportunity comes up to advance that wish further along into manifestation? I should pay attention.

The other day, I got an Amazon Central page: and, no I do not have a bio or an awesome pic of me (but I will!)

Today, I came across my confirmation for the writer’s retreat. The other day my friend said she’s opening up her photography studio and is setting up a photo booth — that means, I shall definitely get that awesome author pic of me soon.

Things are looking up.