Earning Millions For A Photograph? It can happen.

One of the most interesting jobs you can venture in is be a photographer. However, while photography can be an exciting feat to get involved in, it can also be a challenge. Several people delve into the world of taking photographs, getting creative yet still fall short of getting all the recognition and fame. It takes a huge amount of work and sometimes, luck, to get to that success. It just means, it won’t happen overnight or it just won’t happen at all.

You should not be too quick to surrender, though. If photography is your passion, you should always strive to persevere. You will earn well when you get a timely and creative (even controversial!) photograph exposed to the right audience.

Here are three attitudes a photographer should possess (or master) to be able to survive the challenges that come with being a professional photographer (The 3 Ps):

  1. Patience. One thing that all photographers must learn is to be forebearing and practice self-restraint. Whether you are an amateur or have years-long experience, this trait is something you have to practice over and over because dealing with subjects can be tricky. If you venture into pet photography or newborn photography, you have to get into the right state of mind that your subjects will not be able to follow your instructions. That means, most of the time, you will be the one adjusting so you can get the perfect photograph!

2. Positivity. Yes. A positive attitude. It will take you places! A can-do attitude will get your creative juices flowing. An article from Huffington post detailing how positive thinking builds your skills and improve work is a good example of this.

3. Punctual. A photographer must know how to use his time wisely. Undertaking wildlife photography, you should always learn the times your subject is best photographed. Training yourself to be punctual will help make your day more productive and it will give you more choices on what your best feature photo will be.

Take a look at some photographs that have been sold for millions in the infographic below:

Source: Bob Books