13th September, 2016

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Listening to :The Roots Feat John Legend The Fire

Attending the African Summit on Women and Girls in Tech in Accra, Ghana was not only humbling but also inspiring in so many ways. It was clear that when women rise, they rise with all of us. It was a platform where the vision of Africa’s digital future was shared and how women will contribute to this. Focus was mainly on using internet to uplift women.

My take-home was:

· You need to learn and upgrade your learning: Ask questions and challenge yourself to think beyond the lines. Step out of your comfort zone and keep learning.

· The greatest product that a leader can give is another leader. A leader is a leader-maker. We rise by lifting others and thus always focus on empowering others. This will help bridge the gender gap in Tech one-woman engineer at a time. A leader is a leader maker” women in tech must open doors, pull up chairs and support other women

· If you are not on the table when the decision is being made, you are on the menu. Don’t be afraid to question society, yourself and the authority involved in policy making.

· The digital streets are rough. There are many instances of online bullying making women shy away from using the digital platform but when used well the internet can be a life changer.

· There’s need for stronger ecosystems to develop ICT & entrepreneurship skills, spaces to foster partnerships and empowerment forums to lift young talent.

I gathered inspiration from various speakers and panelists.

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