3 Easy Guidelines to Excel in GMAT/CAT

1. Grammar and Vocab

These are generally synonyms, antonyms, analogies, etc that test your grasp over English grammar along with your vocabulary. These should be pretty easy and far less time consuming, so attempt these first. Get them over with, so you can focus on the more important and lengthy questions in the paper. Fortunately, these are extremely scoring and fetch you the most marks. A regular reading habit is a must if you are looking to improve your vocabulary or your grammar skills. Also, practice lots of test papers.

2. Critical Reasoning

These fall under the HOTs section of the paper and test your critical thinking and reasoning skills. They focus on reflective thinking and test the veracity of the assumptions we make or the conclusions we draw from a sentence. An argument focuses on facts- which form the premise of the argument, conclusions- which is the result you arrive at from the argument and assumptions– which are the logical conclusions drawn from an argument that’s not stated verbatim in the paragraph. To identify the argument, look for the facts that back it up. There should not be any alternate reasons stated in the question that contradict your conclusion. The statement in the choice that fits best with these criteria, without any contradictions is your answer.

An example will make this concept clearer.

 Read the following argument and answer the question that follows.One really does not know when the practice of offering freebies started. But suffice to say that this has become one of the more powerful promotion tools for any brand owner as also retailers. Many a times the consumer makes a final choice on what is being given Free. Also, many brands have created fads and cults with their freebies. I have seen many situations where the power of free is on display. Children insisting that their parents buy something because a toy is free with it, ladies purchasing a personal product because a utility item is free and so on.

Which of the following statements strengthens the views presented above?

a. A clean display of Freebies works like a spell on the target audience and the most common target of these spells are young children, who are usually not interested in them. b. According to Retail experts, a sharp rise in sales of items with freebies is evidently visible across various categories and consumer groups. c. Some people prefer to shop online and avoid the whole real life experience of shopping. d. Most consumers are aware of these marketing gimmicks and hence remain unaffected by their charms. Correct Answer : b

3. Inference- Judgement

These are sequentially ordered statements built around a single concept. As in the previous topic, here too, begin with facts. Use the facts you know to eliminate obviously wrong answers. Next, identify the judgement which will be the author’s directly stated opinion on a person, object or situation showing his approval or disapproval. Your inference should not be influenced by the judgement. Evaluate the inference independently in order to further eliminate the options and arrive at your answer.

Here is a sample question to make this easier.

 Read the following argument and answer the question that follows.The media plays a very important role in the entire criminal justice system. Most people go through their life having little or no direct contact with any law enforcement personnel, but they still think they have a genuine understanding of who the police are and what they are about. They get this idea from what they see and hear through the media, so it is crucial for law enforcement to have good, solid relations with all media outlets. “Media Power” represents the extent to which individuals or groups influence the content of media messages relevant to their interests. As mass media are the primary image builders in contemporary society, an ability to shape the contents of media has become central to impression management and public relations.

Which of the following statements strengthens the author’s conclusion?

a. An underlying propaganda secretly guides media content to achieve the much desired impact on the audience — to increase the television ratings of that particular channel. b. Media messages designed to improve or maintain a decent image of the criminal justice system do not ensure popularity of the system among the public. c. Peoples’ perceptions can be influenced and media messages can make or break the public image of an organization. d. Underestimating the power of media is equivalent to committing suicide in this competitive world where every company is out there to make maximum profit. Correct Answer : c

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Written By: Shreyasee Das

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Originally published at testbharat1.wordpress.com on February 17, 2016.

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