Why I’m launching a software testing jobs board — update: Almost there…

The TesterJobs.co site is almost there — almost ready for the public beta launch.

There’s been a few delays — which is fairly normal for any website project — which have delayed things from the hoped-for early September public beta launch, to late September/early October instead.

Delays included some extra admin in getting business insurance updated to include the website, some extra setups required for the payment gateways being used and trying to get some fixes for some bugs I’ve found in the job board platform the site runs on. These bugs included some around account login and some potential security loopholes, all of which need further investigation and fixing.

Once the bugs and loopholes are fixed and some further testing has been done, I think the site might finally be ready for public beta launch!

Thanks for reading — and hope to see you at the public beta of the TesterJobs.co website. (You can sign up for the newsletter to get an update when the site goes to public beta)