Why I’m launching a software testing jobs board — update: Nearly there!

The TesterJobs.co site is nearly ready for the beta launch — moving from Coming Soon mode to a public beta.

There’s been a lot of tasks to manage and I found the combination of a JIRA project (lots of tasks! and some bugs) and a collection of Google Sheets, the ideal way to keep track of all the information, data, knowledge and procedures that I was busy setting up.

Now that the move to public beta is nearly here, I’m also using an old trick that I think must go back to my days of using Unix years ago, that is of keeping the checklist document as a simple text document — not using vi but a simple TextEdit doc in plain text. As I complete each task I just mark it down as DONE at the start of the text line and can easily see what’s been done and what still needs doing.

So far, tasks have included the following (and more!): choosing and trialling the right jobs board management system and the right theme and accompanying plugins to go with it, Payments, Transactional Email solution, creating Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy static content, setting up WooCommerce, setting up Social Media accounts, setting up Google Maps API, pricing projections, working out advertising strategy, setting up email marketing, plus lots and lots and lots of testing… but its all nearly ready for the public beta, so all the hard work has been worthwhile.

Thanks for reading — and hope to see you at the public beta of the TesterJobs.co website. (You can sign up for the newsletter to get an update when the site goes to public beta)