The War for QA Talent

Every company knows that they’re fighting a tough battle for customers. Everyone else in their space wants a piece of the same market.

But I bet not every company knows they’re also fighting an even tougher battle, with more opponents and more at risk.

I’m talking about the war for talent.

Now this is the case for every type of talent you need for your software team: developers, business analysts, project managers, team leads. But in particular, I’m talking about QA. Testers. Manual or automated.

For you to be successful with your software, you MUST make sure it has high quality.

I know that some companies eschew QA in favor of quick turnaround times. That QA is a nicety and not a necessity.

There’s a term I use for those companies:

QA is the lifeblood of your organization. You can get by without it but — and I’m saying this as a friend — it’s ill-advised.

So. If we need QA so bad, and the war for that talent is so huge, what do we do?

Great question. I’m glad you asked because that’s exactly the question I’d planned on planting and then answering in this article.

Step 1: Identify what they want

There are large numbers of testers that want to do more than just test.

Many want to automate.

Many also want to learn how to automate without using tools like UFT, Ranorex, Telerik or any record-and-playback methodology.

But the vast majority of testers aren’t developers. And so they’re put off by having to learn a) how to test your complex systems and b) a completely different craft.

It’s daunting and it scares a lot of them away.

But you won’t scare them away. Because you’ll have set up a way for them to:

  • Automate tests in a simple, straightforward fashion,
  • Using code that you own,
  • Not being dependent on any expensive 3rd party tools, and
  • Allow them to grow their knowledge while still being productive.

Next step:

Step 2: Get the Word Out

Then once that’s in place, let people know that that’s what you do:

Hey testers: We feel you. And we know you feel the pinch of automation encroaching on your jobs. We do value testing, but we also value you, as people — moms, dads, providers and craftspeople. We want you to grow in the skills that you want to get better at, and give you a safe place to do it. This company is that place. Come here, learn awesomeness, push boundaries and exceed your possible.

^ feel free to steal the above quote.

Step 3: Profit

When you do this, you will have skilled talent coming to you, instead of you reactively going to them.

Create the environment for talent to flourish, and they will come to you to do so. When they do, you have won the war on talent.

Thanks for reading — FritzWAIT!

Shoot how clumsy of me I forgot the call to action!!!

So embarrassing. Anyway: this is what I do with my consultancy, Arch DevOps. I do all that *gestures* stuff up there, so that you don’t have to.

I come alongside teams that can’t release software as fast or at as high a quality as they want, by designing custom automation that fits those teams, instead of drop in solutions that force teams to fit them.

And I’m not bragging here but, man: the stuff I know that can help you, it’s nuts. Once I’m done it takes next to no code to write new tests, which is a big reason why automation efforts fail for many companies.

Contact me or schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to see how I can help you.