TetherGo will be listed at Sky.io

✅From now to 2020/03/02 all new registers at Sky.io during the campaign will be rewarded with 25 $TGO each.

✅We are giving out 50000 $TGO in total. Be quick!

Step first step Join👇
🔸Register 👉https://www.sky.io
🔸Done get 25 $TGO

✅open trading for TGO/USDT and withdraw at 2020/03/03 04:00 AM (UTC) .Users can start depositing TGO in preparation for trading at 2020/02/28 04:00(UTC).

Check out⬇️



TetherGo is based on the Ethereum blockchain, We arranging integrations with existing businesses in the crypto currency space. Website: https://tethergo.org/

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