Low-level Library Designed to House Applications for Sharing Objects

Skycoin is targeting content delivery networks (CDNs) with CXO, Skycoin’s immutable object system. CDNs are geographically distributed servers that enable fast delivery of internet content while improving website performance. Some key features of these networks are:

  • Improvement of website loading times
  • Reduced bandwidth costs
  • Increased content availability
  • Enhanced website security

Skycoin is a premier project that utilizes blockchain for a newly decentralized networking protocol, replacing IP addresses with public keys for end to end encryption. This revolutionary blockchain has the potential to completely overhaul the current internet & evolve into a “Web 3.0”. The implications & real use cases for an earnest change, not only in how we interact in a peer to peer setting, but also putting forth the infrastructure necessary for community based, community controlled networking. If bitcoin was the prototype for decentralized economics; Skycoin is the expansion of that methodology. Skycoin improves on current consensus algorithms with…

The Skycoin project consists of several key components with multiple solutions to create a balanced ecosystem. CX is Skycoin’s specification and programming language. Unlike other blockchain projects that boast the usage of smart contracts to enforce digital agreements automatically, Skycoin utilizes CX, a full programming language with the ability to serve as a contractual digital intermediary and house simple & complex functions. Error reporting, control-flow statements such as if/else, for loops, arrays, slices, pointers, and packages are all standard features in the CX programming language. As a general-purpose programming language, CX will be used to create anything from websites, desktop…

When the topic of the Dark Web is brought up, many things are usually stated, illegal drugs, firearms, & according to the case with silk road founder Ross Ulbricht; a place where you can facilitate and procure hitmen. However although some of these activities occur, the overwhelming purpose of the Dark Web has been privacy.

Rails generators are an important tool for improving workflow processes, and delivering consistent code that alleviates syntax errors and mistypes. It’s easy to utilizing Ruby on Rails generators to quickly create MCV file structures.

Rails generators are simple, to understand how they work use the following syntax

$ rails generate <name of generator> <options>

You can also use the shorthand version by typing

$ rails g <name of generator> <options>

Lets walk through how we create resources & populate our MCV file structure using rails built in generators.

$ rails g resource Person first_name:string last_name:string

Interpersonal Skills & Software Engineering

The computer science world is riddled with its fair share of unique problems. Software engineers are faced with an ever evolving ecosystem of programming languages and frameworks. All the while technology evolves requiring more complex mathematical models & solutions to more advanced problems. The solutions to these problems allow humans to learn more about how we interact with the world and help us live more simplistic, full-filling lives as a population. In some ways our jobs are consistently increasing in difficulty while also trending toward simplicity.

The current state of Blockchain exists as multiple separate proprietary networks that operate in isolation, the antithesis of community-driven decentralized networking. The problems in Blockchain are not unlike the originating factors that plagued the adoption of the internet: lack of protocol standardization, disjointed and unusable networks. The standardization and implementation of TCP/IP created the solution to inter networking in which multiple separate networks joined into a network of networks.

Marcus Wordlaw

Mechanical & Software engineer with a propensity for travel & an interest in emerging technologies, catch me in a lab or out abroad absorbing foreign culture.

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