5 steps to doing it ALL

The day is short, my time is beyond precious, I have the worlds largest quantity of work to get done and more business development work growing than you could possibly imagine, yet I still found time to sit on the floor for an hour playing with my 9month old daughter!

You see I am determined to strike the balance that most miss! You know the one I mean, right?

The one were you get to play an active part in your kids growing up, spending quality time with your other half and still grow a business empire faster than most believe is possible.

For me to achieve this it is all about this very exact moment and just how present I am within it. It is about rigorously controlling the noise about me, twenty four — seven and believe it or not it is far easier than you think! It allows for me to achieve what a client recently referred to as “more in 3 months than two of his employees get done in a year — combined!”

The beauty is you to can do this and it only takes five steps,

  1. DECIDE — This requires self-discipline and rigor and you need commit, otherwise you will never manage it. Remember, something done with half heartedness is a waste of everything you put into it. So DECIDE, why specifically are you doing this? When exactly are you starting it?
  2. IDENTIFY — The exact priority of the next time period and I mean the exact ONE priority, nothing more and nothing less.
  3. TURN OFF — anything and everything that is not directly to do with that time periods ONE priority AND I mean EVERYTHING. The TV, Radio, Mobile Phone, Music, Laptop, Book, in fact anything that is not that priority.
  4. ENGAGE — Now put 100% of your mind and body (& nothing less) into your priority for the entire length you have committed to. Nothing is allowed to interfere. NOTHING
  5. MOVE ON & REPEAT — Easy, now repeat in everything that you do.

Hold yourself accountable to this for two weeks across 100% of your life and track the positive performance differences that you experience. These will most likely include,

  • better relationships with loved ones
  • dramatically increased productivity
  • more highly respected
  • more free time!
  • getting all those things done that you have been putting off for ages
  • more sales
  • and the list can go on……..

You can truly do this for yourself, however if it is a struggle please feel free to engage with us for a FREE Coaching session to put it in place. Simply email us info@tetrakey.com and we will coach you to ever increasing success.

Originally published at tetrakey.com on February 28, 2017.