Business Coaching is just the start

A few years ago most of our clients started saying, ‘You are so much more than just a Business Coach’ and I have to say this threw us. We started asking questions like, ‘are we doing a good enough job?’, ‘what do they mean?’, and then ‘well what are we, if we are not Business Coaches?’

This went on for a period of time and after some extensive conversations with exceptionally credible clients, we came to find that their previous and often extensive experience of Business Coaching certainly was not what we do. As they all pointed out, we give them business coaching and substantially more!

One of the most obvious examples of this is George. Now George is a real client of ours (although George is no this name!)

George has had a big brand business coach before he started working with us and it would be fair to say that, in a way he achieved a lot with them! Over a two year period they worked with George to increase his business turnover by over 170%! However the way in the Business coach went about it, eventually caused disaster! Amongst other things George was set to using his time with more effect, often working 14hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, he missed family vacations and the business grew dramatically.

After 12 months of doing this, some things started coming undone, yet George didn’t notice because he was 100% focussed on his business and this was doing great…. a new shinny car a everything!

At just over 18months of this journey, his wife told him that she was leaving him because he was never at home, their marriage was over. Within a week, she had moved out and taken their kids to the city she had grown up in, a full 2 hours flight away. George was devastated, he lost focus, he now lost the ability to work every weekend because he wanted to see his kids, he now is financing two properties in two cities, paying for endless flights, his business ended almost bankrupt and all of the extra money (& more) that he had made has evaporated!

At the end of this usual Business Coaching experience George is significantly worse off in almost every area of his life, because fast progress in one area of life that is not sustainable, is more destructive than staying as you are!

George is now a client of ours, you may meet him one day. He is now on track to get his business to where it was in a sustainable way, while rekindling a loving relationship with his wife, and he still works very hard but not at the cost of the rest of his life. With TetraKey, George has become a true Performance Accelerator through every aspect of his life.

So what is it that we are, that we do, that we achieve?

We are a coaching provider that takes the whole of a life into true deep account, ensuring that the performance in business does not become destructive in another area of a clients life.

We coach our clients to become Performance Accelerators.

This is who we are….

Originally published at on July 23, 2017.