Change is happening and how you predict it and manage will go a long way to your success

Change makes you feel alive!

Have you noticed just how quickly the world is changing, do you need your team to change they way in which they work or is there a new business direction which requires a new way of working?

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished” — Benjamin Franklin

The reality is that the ability to change rapidly is an on-going need in any business and is one of the primary pillars of success.

Many businesses, people and leaders try and shortcut the change process, or manage it at an intellectual level. Following the simple process below change can be fun, simple and powerful, with sustainable growth being a realistic outcome.

To ensure that change happens there are four factors which need to be in place for it to be successful.

A Reason &/or Desire to change

Each individual that is being asked to change will need to be able to clearly vocalize why they need to make the change in what they do. They will need to be able to clearly say what will happen if they do not change and what the upside is for making the change. In an ideal situation, they should also be able to talk about their individual realization / trigger moment when they came to this thought.

A Short Term Reoccurring Fear

There are only two real motivations; pleasure and pain. While pleasure or reward is the only real sustainable long term motivator, in the short term a pain for ‘not change’ actions greatly assists in keeping their focus on making the needed difference. This fear or consequence must be 100% REAL and will have to actually happen if the change is not pursued. If it does not happen, even once, it is no longer an effective tool.

Imagine if you can get your team to see what the long term could look and feel like!

A Long Term seriously compelling positive future reason

For change to be sustainable it needs to be linked to a seriously compelling long term goal, which is 100% bought into by the individual. This is where most change in business falls apart, as the compelling future benefit is not a REAL opportunity for the individual which they believe in.

Series of short term achievable wins, that are easy to do and easy to maintain

This is the part which most people struggle with the most and if you want change to happen, where you should concentrate a considerable amount of time to ensure clarity. To make this effective each individual needs no more than 5 simple and specific ‘to do’ actions which can be individually measured. Remember that you eat an apple in a series of bites, so treat this the same way

So as you plan your next move, the new strategy or next change, take the time to work with each individual who it will impact upon. This will take time however, if you are really serious about making this change stick, you must find the time and put these four factors in place for yourself and the individuals who are also involved.

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