If you are answering YES to this….. and have it written down CONGRATULATIONS you are likely to see solid business growth when you deliver upon it.

If you answer NO, you need this new level of innovation. Factually businesses that do not DO NEW next year will experience less orders and profit than in 2016.

The worlds most successful and profitable business have plans that offer specific direction, guide how they will represent themselves, innovate their business at least once a year, simplify their customer processes, and increase profitability.

Your plan must include; — How to increase the quantity of unaffiliated customers — New up-sells &/or on-sells — Increasing brand presence in the market place — Launch strategy for new locations — Workforce development on key profit centre areas — Turning current clients into referral sources — Simplification of business practices

– Metrics to measure by for the coming 12–24 months

Originally published at on November 15, 2016.

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