Fear what you do not know

I am sure that just by the fact that you are reading this, you want to be more, make more or achieve quicker than most people believe is possible. You are curious as to how other people achieve, yet you feel it is not happening easily or quickly enough for you.

Probably the one thing that those who get to places quicker than you are full of FEAR. Yes, that is right- FEAR. They FEAR missing out to such a high degree that it allows them to do anything to achieve quickly, AND they also understand the biggest fears that their customers have. They don’t just understand these fears at a socially acceptable and superficial level — they understand them to their customers’ deepest core level that their customers usually keep hidden. Fear is thought to be one of the greatest drives that a human has. Just for a minute consider what your deepest, rawest, usually hidden and biggest two fears are. Maybe it is death, witnessing immense pain in a loved one, being broke & homeless, or being expected to speak in public without notice. You will know when you have identified these for yourself, because they will bring about a feeling inside of you which is truly uncomfortable, the feeling that you never want to think about, feel, experience or even have to consider.

For a moment imagine this. There is a product or service which, when you use it, will guarantee that you will never have to experience your deepest possible fear again. How much is that worth to you? How much money on a weekly / monthly / yearly basis would you pay to buy it?

What you will be buying is THE guaranteed solution to your deepest fear never becoming a reality. You will of course need some convincing that this is guaranteed and also that other people have the success that you need. Would you sell all your prized possessions, re-mortgage your house or even maybe move to another continent to allow this to happen? (If you cannot answer ‘yes’ to this, chances are you are still kidding yourself about your deepest fear! — time to get in tune with yourself and be truly honest or lose!)

For a few minutes, consider how would it be if you were not thinking about your own fear, but were the business that provided the solution to others deepest fears? So if you are not making enough or achieving enough, you need to go through your answers to these questions,

  • What are the two core deepest usually hidden fears of your ideal customers?
  • How do you guarantee that what you do will 100% take their fear away?
  • How are you sure that your solution to their fear 100% works?
  • Is it in at a price point / time period they can afford to take the fear away?
  • What do you offer in case it does not 100% work?

If you have exceptionally clear answers to the above questions, are you shouting it from the roof tops to all of your ideal customers?

Originally published at tetrakey.com on June 23, 2017.

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