Plans can and do change

On the 15th December I uploaded a post onto Facebook saying 85th and last flight of 2016. Well here I am on the 26th December writing this blog traveling at over 800km an hour and 10 km up. So my 85th flight became 86 in 2016! How do I feel? Well I feel great. I am flying to Cape Town to pick up a car and drive it back to Durban. I didn’t anticipate that I would do another flight and wasn’t looking to buy a car, it just happened. I just made new plans. I just got back onto another plane.

We all make plans and then life happens. Plans change, opportunities arise and then we are left with choices and decisions. Why did I choose to buy the car? Well it just felt right — it is a car that is going to provide lots of fun for myself and son and was at a price that I thought was fair (if you are interested it is a Nissan Patrol 4.2TDI). Maybe it won’t be a good deal, maybe it might break down as we travel the nearly 2000km home but if it does then we will make a new plan.

Don’t be fixated by what you expect or want to happen, as you cannot control 99.9% of things around you. The only thing you can control are the choices and decisions you make now. Plans will change, people will have different opinions, and it will rain on your picnic!

We spend too much of life thinking about what we should have done and trying to predict and control the future. But life is about living and you can only live in the present. This is something that has taken me a number of years to learn and is the most powerful change I have made in my life. It is not easy as I find it scary but when you think about it then maybe it is the only choice available to you.

How you apply this to your business is critical. What are you doing today to ensure every interaction people have with your product and value proposition affects them in the here and now? How are you putting a smile onto their faces? How are you changing their world?

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