Serioulsy do you want that job?

Seriously…. do you really want that job?

In TetraKey we have recently been expanding our workforce. We have been astounded by the quantity of applications we have received and even more astounded by the BORINGNESS nearly all of them are!

Seriously…… do you really want that job?

In different places in the world, the process for applying for jobs can be different mostly linked employment legislation. We appreciate this and recognise that not all of the following may be possible, HOWEVER doing as many of these as possible will really allow you the best possible chance of getting that job

  1. Make applications impactful

This is YOUR chance to impress a future boss, possibly a person with whom you have never met! Make your first page POP & IMPRESS, if it catches my eye I may well be bothered to read page 2. Anything black and white CV / Letter based word document or PDF just looks boring & in truth I ignore 95% of these!

  1. Keep it short & positive achieving

If you can not demonstrate who you are and what you have achieved in under 3 sides of paper then do not expect a call or interview. REALLY sell in (ideally numerical detail) your specific achievements, however also keep in mind that your new boss’s time is precious and they will dread a time hog of a employee… the longer your application the more it represents hogging valuable time.

Ensure that the person you want to be your new boss already knows who you are, respects you, has experienced your high quality work, is waiting for your application to arrive and importantly would answer a call from you. All of these things dramatically increase your chance of not only an interview, but also getting the job!

We recently hired a web / graphic designer and got a lot of ‘usual’ applications. The person we appointed in the end applied for the job by sending us her personal website. This included her CV, Letter of Application, Portfolio of previous work and demonstrated that she could do every aspect of the role we wanted her to do. How about using a Facebook Ad Video Campaign targeting your future boss, doing a video application, waiting in their office to hand the application to them in person, bumping into them in person ‘by accident’ at a coffee shop and having a quick chat, or, or, or. MAKE SURE YOU GET NOTICED

  1. Get informal references working for you

Who do you know that is highly supportive of you and has the ear of your future boss? Start talking to them and getting them to give informal pre & post application references to your future boss. This form of recommendation is amazingly valuable and for your future boss can take a huge amount of hiring risk off the table when they are making their decision.

  1. Demonstrate what you can do, not what you have got

In this day & age almost everyone has a degree and loads of people have an MBA or Masters! These while valuable and prized no longer make you unique. A previous client of ours advertised a post and got just over 3000 applicants, of which over 2500 had and an MBA. Now I am not bashing the MBA, however it made none of these people unique in any way, shape or form. Tell us what you have done and can do with some hard evidence. We want to employ someone we know can get the job done, regardless of qualification.

Now this seems obvious, however so many people hand in applications late and then get in touch to see if they are going to get an interview! REALLY! If you can not get it in on time, how are you going to be when actually working to deadlines in this role? An application that comes in even 60 seconds late is a waste of your time and mine.

If you really want a better, new or different job take this on board and make sure you stand out from the rest. For those who are willing to stand up, stand out and go the extra mile there is plenty of great opportunities out about for you. In fact often, you are exactly the people that are being looked for.

Originally published at on May 5, 2017.

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