The one most important thing you can be

Have you ever stopped to think, what if there was just one area of my life that I could work on that would make the biggest difference for me and what would it be?

Well there are many areas which you could concentrate on such as marketing, speaking, mindfulness, communication, leadership maybe business development. However while all of these are important, they produce silo’d thought in this area and do not always contribute to the real growth which is required for almost all of us.

The real ONE thing which you can do to truly accelerate yourself at amazing speed is to be ‘coachable’ and while many say that they are, many often display that they are not! Being coachable allows you to ask yourself and other the right and often hard questions that allow for growth, while you are busy making the adaptions needed to achieve your goals.

So are you truly ‘coachable’? Looking at yourself in the mirror and considering the following 3 points

  1. When asked a question do you talk about the past?
  2. Are you willing to take any action needed and take it immediately, now, no matter how painful it is? Have you done this to scale, repeatedly and recently?
  3. Do you actively look for people who will give you hard advise to follow and then follow it?

So what can you do if you honestly answer the above questions, in a manner which you know does not lead to success and want to become truly coachable for your own benefit?

The answer is simple, practice being coachable. To do this pick one of the three questions and hold yourself accountable for 7 days, ensuring that you walk the talk you need to in order to become truly coachable. Then pick another, and then the last one, and then get a coach and your path to success will be meteoric.

Originally published at on May 5, 2017.