She is Mother

M-ama as she is fondly called
O-ne special soul with a heart of gold
T-reasured and loved for all her worth
H-ero for enduring the pain of giving birth
E-ver caring but not overbearing
R-ole model that her children may find life’s true meaning

She’s God’s vessel of bringing life
She’s the devoted and loving wife
She’s the woman who adopted a child
She’s the desperate girl who chose to do what’s right
She’s the one who had the joy of motherhood cut short
She’s the elder sister who selflessly gave support

How she transforms the house into a home
Where everything just falls into place
When bad days come and kids feel left alone
Her embrace melts all their troubles away
With her uncanny strength and incredible wisdom
She brings comfort and teaches how it should be done

Hustling and juggling, that’s the multitasking mom
Yet her work is never done
She puts others needs first before her own
All the sacrifices and labors of love she has shown
Her genuine smiles and laughter so contagious
Her calmness through the storm is so courageous!

A sincere faith in God she hopes to instill
That her children may come to know and believe
For every prayer whispered
On bended knees surrendered
All worries, fears, hopes and dreams
That God’s power and presence be revealed

Her beauty never ever fades
Even when she is old and gray
And though years of hard work has taken its toll
Her gracefulness still captivates us all
Her eyes still bright as the guiding light
She’s the expression of God’s love to mankind



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