Code Collective Update

Code Collective
Jun 6 · 1 min read

Hey y’all, Chirag here.

Gordon and I got a bit behind on updating the weekly blog with recap notes like we usually do. (We’re actually both working on the new website these days which will be unveiled in July 2019!)

Those of you who have been wondering if we still have the Saturday meetup…yes, we still do it on Saturdays from 2PM-4PM at NoD. It’s all about game development these days, so if you come be prepared to show us code from a game you are building or help give feedback to game developers at NoD by play testing their indie game projects.

Also check out what our friends at Society of Play are up to:

Code Collective

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Learn To Make Games. Tweet us at @TexasCode and join us on Saturdays in Dallas, Texas.

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