Here’s the Texas Towns to Name Your Baby After (And Ones to Avoid)

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Jul 1, 2015 · 2 min read
Twins? Photo via Flickr/rutlo (CC BY 2.0)

Texas Standard listeners were treated to an interesting question today: If you were going to name your child after a town in Texas, which would you choose?

The Standard’s W.F. Strong’s writes:

“If you watch old Westerns about Texas, you hear names like Tex, Laredo, Rio, Hondo, Amarillo. And you hear dialogue like this: ‘Tex, you seen Rio around? Nope, but I saw Amarillo ridin’ off to look for Laredo, and you know wherever Laredo is, Rio’s close by.’

You can’t tell whether they are talking about people or places.

In modern Texas, you don’t often meet people named Hondo and Laredo anymore. Texas babies are now more commonly named for bigger Texas cities. Dallas, Houston. Austin. In fact, go into any first grade and you can hear a trip around the state: “Austin, you and Dallas come up here and help Houston plant these Bluebonnets.”

It didn’t take listeners long to share their own stories and suggestions. Some already knew people who shared names with Texas towns:

Other users sent us some town names that people should probably avoid:

Texas Standard Producer Laura Rice joined the conversation and couldn’t help but agree:

And while it’s not a town name, True Up had a suggestion for Austinites who want a trendy name for their baby:

And here’s a roundup of other contenders:

What do you think? Tweet us and let us know.

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