Sen. Donna Campbell: Gun-Free Zones are a Bigger Concern than Campus Carry

Texas Standard
Oct 19, 2015 · 2 min read
Photo by Gabriel C. Pérez/Texas Standard

State Sen. Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, spoke with the Standard at the Texas Tribune Festival. She had several education-related topics on her mind, including the chances for voucher legislation next session and Texas’ soon-to-be-implemented campus carry law.

For Sen. Campbell, “school choice is not trying to put any public school out of business.”

“I am for helping parents be able to have the financial choice for whatever school they want to send their child to,” she says. “Who better than the parent to choose the best education for their child?”

Voucher legislation failed to pass last legislative session, but Campbell predicted a greater chance for success next session.

On the issue of campus carry and shootings on school campuses, Campbell says concern needs to be directed toward gun-free zones.

Why have gun-free zones? If you look at the people who have taken a gun and… shot people, that atrocity was created in a gun-free zone,” she says. “Why didn’t they choose a police station? Why did they choose the innocence of the people in a gun-free zone? The most responsible citizens are those who have a concealed handgun license. They do everything right with their guns.

Campbell says, as a parent, she would feel safer with people carrying concealed handguns on campuses in case a shooting broke out.

“If somebody’s a black belt and they can knock the gun out before they shoot anybody, great,” Campbell says. “And my daughter’s in taekwondo; she’s a red belt and she will be a black belt before she gets to college. But everybody doesn’t have that and even having that, a gun, it really takes something to try to fight that off.”

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