Trooper’s Daughter Receives Aid From TSTA

Giving back to our communities is extremely important to the Texas State Troopers Association. What is even more important is taking care of current and former Texas State Troopers, which wholly extends to their family members.

Texas Trooper John David Roberts’ daughter Raley (19) was severely injured in an auto accident this past June. Her most serious injuries included a fractured pelvis, broken rib, damage to the area where her skull and spine attach, and lacerations of her adrenal gland and spleen.

Additionally, she suffered from a bruised kidney and liver plus bruises across her entire body. Due to her injuries, Raley wears a full neck brace and she cannot walk without a walker. Her car was totaled. The surgeons estimate her recovery will take a least 8 months.

Trooper Roberts has been challenged with providing for his family both emotionally and financially. He has been forced to miss DPS overtime to provide more support at home. When TSTA Director, Larry Engelke, heard about the Roberts’ dilemma, he came up with a plan.

“It was a huge encouragement,” said John David Roberts about the large check Engelke presented himself and Raley this past summer. “It didn’t pay all the bills, but it sure reduced the pressure some. We will never forget TSTA for this.”

Engelke commented on the officer the donation: “This veteran trooper who has been a member of TSTA for 23 years, had a great need and we’re so glad we’re able to respond. It is the proof that we truly care about our members.”

The Texas State Troopers Association is always dedicated to providing in any way possible to their members and those extended family members.

Trooper Roberts said with relief, “We have been blessed through this tough experience. The biggest blessing is that we still have Raley. She has been given new life.”

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