TSTA Donates to DPS Houston

The Texas State Troopers Association is dedicated to supporting the men and women of Texas law enforcement community. That effort takes many forms; sponsoring charity events, outreach to the community, and sometimes, helping troopers pump iron! That’s right — we helped the troopers of Region 2 hit the gym.

The TSTA was happy to help provide work out equipment to the DPS Region 2 office in Houston. The team at Region 2 was in need of some new gear, and the TSTA was able to contribute some much needed metal.

We provided a set of dumbbells, a weight bench with rack, and a 300 lb weight set to the gym. Our hope is that these tools will help our troopers stay fit and healthy when they aren’t on duty. A relatively small gesture, providing these kinds of amenities to law enforcement personnel is a great way to support the folks that keep us safe.

The donation took place at the very beginning of 2015, as a late Christmas gift to Region 2. We understand that the weights have been put to good use! Maintaining excellent physical fitness is paramount to the success and safety of DPS officers and the Texas State Trooper Association was proud to contribute.

Originally published at texasstatetroopersassociation.info.