What is Textr?


Textr is a live group messaging app coming to IOS and Android this spring.

Longer Version:

Our concept is people create groups which are then posted for users to join. The groups are then shown in a feed style.

People can add others as friends within the app or follow people. The difference is with friends one can create groups which only their friends can view and if you are friends with someone you can invite them to a chat. The friend option can be turned off for those who want. With following, one is able to follow topics or people (similar to forums). So I can follow ESPN on the app and whenever they make a group, for example “NFL Sunday Ravens-Bengals Game”, that group will show up on my homepage. Then I can join that group and chat with people in a continuous manner.

Other examples could be chatting live with Celebrities, being able to chat with friends/people about TV Show premiers, breaking news events, as they happen.

Textr at its core is group messaging. Our vision for Textr is something along the lines of live forums or live commenting. One thing we are doing different as well is pushing relevant information to people’s homepages. If something is happening around there world that interests you then there is a good chance you can log onto Textr and find the group on your homepage. If there is no group then create a group and add friends to get the conversation going.

In addition, all groups are deleted after 24 hours of inactivity which keeps everything focused on live/real-time.

Take SB Nation for example which has hundreds of sites with sports teams for people to have communities. Whenever a game is on they will have articles for users to post about the game in a thread. I am a Bengals fan and I use their forums to see what others think of plays, flags, the game, etc… and I know how annoying it is for me to refresh the screen every time a new play happens and scroll through hundreds of comments to read the new ones. Textr gets rid of that. I can make a Bengals group, my friends and others who are Bengals fans can join, and we can chat live about the game as it unfolds. Once the game is over, I don’t have to worry about what I said on there since the chat group can be deleted by me (the creator of the group) or it will naturally get deleted after 24 hours of nobody using it. The next Sunday I can do the exact same thing and create a new group.

As always, thank you for reading and feel free to contact me at sam@textrmessenger.com with questions, and stay tuned for our next posts.

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