Tezos Brainstorm Foundry Genesis

Teznation, we believe it is time to harness our steel that came out of the fire.

At the dawn of the great Teznation civilization, sporadic attempts occur in the building up of its community pillars and structures. These efforts are started by groups of dedicated and passionate Tezonians who organically fuse their brains together to help bring about a vision they all want to flourish in.

Tezonians! Lend Teznation your brain!

Steel brain neurons of a Tezonian after coming out of the fire — Exhibit A

Since ICO, the Tezos community has not been short of ideas for the Tezos ecosystem and protocol, but we know that Teznation doesn’t happen overnight. Often the more ambitious plans have to wait for the essentials to be completed first. There is still plenty of space for some moon thinking though. It’s exciting to imagine what the future of Tezos will look like and swapping ideas is a great source of motivation and inspiration for the community day to day. All the awesome community suggestions and ideas need somewhere to live, otherwise over time it gets buried and forgotten in the forums and chat rooms. Thus, there needs to be a place where we can store and keep track of the community’s ideas, while also being able to revisit them at a later date.

Teznation was not built in one day.

The process of building out a vision is a long term play, and it also occurs through multiple points in the landscape. At these multiple points, sometimes in collaboration with the masses, sometimes in collaboration with a small group, and sometimes with no collaboration at all in holding the flame all by themselves, there is a common purpose to make the ecosystem better than what it currently is. For the mental health of the Tezos Community, with the multitude of ways organic growth tends to occur, we must be transparent in what Tezonians are working on in Teznation.

Our community’s talented and skilled will want to know the full scope of what is going on at all the points of vision building in Teznation, to clearly see which project area is best for them to contribute to. Nobody wants to feel like they are living in the Wild West after our history, with no clear sense of direction given to the community on how to fit in and help the ecosystem. If left with no guidance, members of a newly established civilization have to explore their own way through the jungle to find a place suitable to their needs, wants and talents. It wastes a lot of time and brain neurons.

Enter the dragon…I mean, Enter the Tezos Brainstorm Foundry — Community Projects Board
Connect your Iron brain to the TBF

— — — The TBF Projects board allows Tezos community members to get together and form teams to collaborate on any idea they would like to build in the Tezos ecosystem. Community projects can range from developing a block explorer, a wallet, a voting interface, a yield calculator, to art/logo work, community outreach programs, marketing material, media collaboration, entrepreneurial presentations etc. — — —


We chose to use Trello cards to help keep track of all the Tezos community projects in the future. It is open to the public in the spirit of transparency. Some may question what if their ideas get “stolen” after it’s posted on TBF, but the view here is,

if you are capable enough of building the best of that idea, you wouldn’t need to worry about the competition. The Tezos ecosystem demands the best of the best products, therefore anything not worthy is automatically beaten by one that is worthy. Making it better than anyone else can, is what the goal should be. Ideas without capable talent to execute remain nothing to the community and actually harms Tezos if poorly implemented. There is no need to be afraid of competition. If they displace your weaker product, it will only drive you to improve and come back with a v2.0.

The shared vision of many ideas can help you find people in the community to work and grow together for 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years, and beyond! Some of the ideas posted may never materialize into anything more than Trello cards, while others may develop into something greater, but all are equally important to record as it represents the brains and vision of our community.

Become a valuable member of the community by doing. Doing is what will define your place in the Tezos community. Be a doer.

Are you ready to become a part of the Tezos Legion?

If you have an idea, or would like to find an idea that you can help in building, this board allows you to keep track of what the community is up to. Chat rooms and forums tend to be difficult in keeping track of what is going on in civilization building, and members may be unaware of the latest information if they skip the chats for a couple of days.

The Trello board helps keep the important projects and ideas in an open environment where all community members can see easily. Governance research, community entity creations, ecosystem protection are some of the hot topics that spring up in the chats and forums at the moment. Where would you go to get ideas to help solve governance, community and ecosystem problems? The Tezos Brainstorm Foundry that’s where.

Process for the TBF Projects Board:

Ideas come from everywhere — discussions within our community, thoughts in the shower, thoughts while stuck in traffic. We help pull them all together and show their progress.

An example of a moon idea (or Mars) is — Educate Elon Musk through a presentation on why Tezos technology should be in his Falcon Heavy space rocket.

When Tezos, Elon?

1. Ask yourself, “Do I want to help Tezos?” “Do I have the time to dedicate my skills to a Tezos project?” “Do I want to work with others in the Tezos Community?”

If all three questions are answered with a resounding “Yes!”, then you are already half way to the moon(Mars). Also, keep in mind that the more ideas that reach success, the higher the value of our Tez will become.

2. There will be two boards for the community. The Projects board is already ready, while the Technical Board will be ready after the network launches.

We’re thrilled to be able to share the Tezos Brainstorm Foundry publicly, and would like to hear the community’s feedback to improve the board as we go along. Share your thoughts with us and reach out with your ideas via Reddit, Riot, Community Forums or Email. All submissions will then be placed on the Trello board and the timeline and projects get recorded onto the board.

3. The Technical Board is focused at the protocol level/blockchain itself. The ideas placed here will aid all developers to pick up a good upgrade feature. The ideas could be picked up by the Tezos Dev team or from external developers. More ways will be discussed to reward the people who come up with the ideas that get taken up by the developers. The developers would be rewarded by a working Foundation when they make the idea happen on the protocol. This board will be updated when it is lunch time.

There is a Riot room created, called the TezosFoundry, everyone with a brain is welcome to join. In a high-brain environment, the impossible becomes possible. In a low-brain environment, even the possible becomes impossible.

TBF Riot Room — https://riot.im/app/#/room/#tezosfoundry:matrix.org

TBF Reddit Post — https://www.reddit.com/r/tezos/comments/7w9j03/tezos_brainstorm_foundry/

TBF Community Forum Post— https://forums.tezos.community/t/tezos-brainstorm-foundry-genesis/1020

You can view the Tezos Brainstorm Foundry: Projects Board here https://trello.com/b/Fxe0vTCd/projects

You can view the Tezos Brainstorm Foundry: Technical Board here https://trello.com/b/TrjEUPeW/technical

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