Choose your reward level with TezoSteam Token!

Yesterday we announced our brand new tracking token, a smart contract that let people join our bond.

Many people asked smart questions, and we’d like to point out some clarifications.

First of all, the amount of TST is limited. We can increase (or decrease) it, it’s a mean of accounting and the token has 0-value. In the end, if the bond level is adequate we will reduce the offer to zero.

First come, first served.

On a second topic, the amount of coins someone may take it’s not “all or zero”. If you have 5000 Tezzies, you can buy a fraction of these, you don’t have to buy them all. Therefore, you can leave some of the Tezzies in delegation if you need to sell some of them eventually, while the others are generating the extra revenues

You can find here a sheet that will tell you exactly how many tokens you need to buy in order to get a certain reward (provided that the amount of tezzies in staking stays the same, more or less).

For example, if you have 10000 tezzies and you aim to have a stream of new tezzies of about 10% per year, you should take 4717 TST. If you want to have the same revenues of a “solo baker” (without the costs!), 1888 TST will do the trick.

Or, you can aim to 12% with 8491 tokens in your pocket, leaving the extra 1509 for trading or else.

In the end, it’s just another opportunity powered by Tezos (and TezoSteam!). Join us on if you need help!