It’s Christmas! Up to 3% fee back to our delegators

Hello everyone and again Merry Xmas from TezoSteam!

We’ve already announced our first Xmas Promo — a Ledger for one lucky delegate — but the second one is even more juicy!

As you know we recently launched our first smart contract — TST — created for people that want to join TezoSteam Bond and have an higher share of the rewards, moving from 7,5% to about 13%

Now we want everyone to have an higher share, while of course TST holders will get even more!

We will give back up to 3% of your fees for up to 10 cycles!

In order to get that we have to work as a Team! In fact, the rebate for every cycle will depend on the amount of Tezzies delegated to TezoSteam AND the amount of TST sold. Let’s give a look at the promotion.

For every cycle with at least 8M Staking balance AND at least 100K TST sold, we’ll give a rebate of 1% (13% effective fee)

For every cycle with at least 8,5M Staking balance AND at least 200K TST sold, we’ll give a rebate of 2%

For every cycle with 9M (current cap) AND TST sold out (300K), we’ll give a rebate of 3%.

TST already sold aabout 120K tokens so the first condition it’s pretty close! And if you are a TST holder — the more we bake the more YOU get!

So go around and spread the news, TezoSteam is again open for business

Please notice the following Term & Conditions:

- The rebate will be applied on your delegated balance, on all the snapshots happening at the beginning of cycle 60 through cycle 69

- Consider that the snapshot is taken on a random block happening 2 cycles before the current one; therefore for cycle 60 the balance will be the one in cycle 58 and so on. Move in advance! Plenty of time to max the promotion

- Alle the rebates will be sent at the end of the promotion, after cycle 69

- In order to receive the bonus, you must have a positive balance of at least 100 XTZ delegated to TezoSteam OR at least 500 TST

- To join in the promotion, you must send a min transaction (even 0.000001 XTZ) to KT1Ru8QANfcwuT1kz69K82vNgqEnLuc78PiC. If you don’t send the transaction prior to block 278528, you will NOT receive the rebate

The sooner we get to 9M&300K TST the more you will get back!

Have a great time with your beloved ones — we’ll keep baking for you :)