TezosLottery Xmas Edition — Ledger!

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone!

TezoSteam never stops! After the successful launch of our first smart contract, TezoSteam Token, we are happy to announce our Christmas promotion for the month of December!

As we had announced, we will be giving away a Ledger Nano S.

This promo is reserved for who will be delegating to TezoSteam by Christmas’ day — End of cycle 58 will be the last block considered!

In order to participate, we ask you to send a small transaction (even 0.000001 tz) to this address: tz1Zd4v9WLbKC8rtwQaGxyHAYRnesP4DDc7A

Send this from the KT1 address that is currently delegating us with a positive balance — with at least 100 tezzies in the account, otherwise you can not receive the ticket. You only have to do it once. Each delegate has only one ticket, it’s Christmas so even the smallest delegator has the same chance!

If we notice that a KT address splits the balance on multiple addresses trying to cheat us taking more tkt, we will exclude the participant from the promotion.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please check that you are sending the transaction from a KT1 address that is delegated to us, we can not count the tz1s and obviously we can not count the delegations elsewhere! If you change delegate before the draw (or if you have less than 100 xtz) your ticket will be voided and another winner will be sorted.

You have to send the tx before block 241664, the draw will be announced soon after. The winner will be ask to make a transaction in order to verify the ownership. Get in touch with us if you win!

And maybe another promotion will come…